MIDI Converter Studio

MIDI Converter Studio 6.0

Convert MIDI files to WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA


  • Converts MIDI to the most popular audio formats
  • Easy to use but suitable for pros as well
  • Doesn't require an expensive soundcard upgrade


  • Only converts to 3 major formats

Not bad

If you thought that MIDI files were all but obsolete nowadays you'd only be half right because the MIDI format still lingers on long since we all converted to WAV, MP3 and OGG format.

MIDI Converter Studio is designed to be extremely simple to use (which generally it is) but also powerful enough and attractive enough to be used by demanding professional users. The program accepts most major MIDI formats which can be MIDI 0, MIDI 1, Karaoke MIDI, RIFF MIDI 0, RIFF MIDI 1. When converting the MIDI files, users have an option to alter the bit rate, frequency and Mono/Stereo settings as well as insert tags if required. In addition, the program has it's own media player so you can test the conversions instantly without reverting to a third party application which is useful. If you need to convert multiple files at once, you can use the batch conversion feature which simultaneously converts multiple tracks into the format fo your choice. Where MIDI Converter studio can really help though is in avoiding the need to buy an expensive audio card to make MIDI files sound natural. You just have to download an appropriate SoundFont from a free repository and use it to convert the MIDI into WAV (or some other format) with MIDI Converter Studio.

Whether you're an amateur or a professional, there's something in MIDI Converter Studio that will appeal to both sets of users.

Added German help Fixed MIDI to WMA conversion under Vista Fixed some bugs


  • Added German help Fixed MIDI to WMA conversion under Vista Fixed some bugs

MIDI Converter Studio is a handy software utility that converts MIDI files to WAV, MP3, OGG and WMA formats.

Users can simply drag and drop a MIDI file from Windows Explorer, and the rest is done automatically. The tool is brainlessly simple, yet packed with enough options to please even the most demanding music professionals.

MIDI Converter Studio


MIDI Converter Studio 6.0

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